Friday, December 31, 2004

Dave Aragon

For all those of you who were LA club scene early 90's you I am sure say Shake the Faith & No 9. Well were too. That is until our cherished friend Dave Aragon molested our daughter. I realized there was something wrong around age 6 where she did not want him around her. We thought it was just her growing up since she loved him sooo much. On her 7th birthday the jerk came by & she saw him and ran to her room. I asked her what was wrong & looked up & saw the ass in the hallway looking at her so she wont tell me. I slammed the door & told him to go & my husband was not home. She then told me he touched her & made her touch him. We immediatly that night after speaking to her doctor took her to children's hospital & thank god he had not penetrated her. The police was involved & it was a he said she said issue. He tried stalking her & the police advised we get a restraining order & then he disappeard. My family has many lawyers & they advised if we told people he could sue us for slander so very few people knew. He tried telling mutual friends that he turned my husband down on hooking him up with another girl & I found out about it. That was why we were not speaking. Well it finally from his own friends came out. No one went against him cause he was sooo much fun to be w/ and party w/. They just didnt let him near their daughters. Thank GOD! That was till one day he saved a piece of information. One thing about theives & sex offenders is that they like to keep momentos. A friend of his was staying w/ him & wanted to listen to some old music tapes & once he flipped the tape over he could hear a phone coversation w/ Dave Aragon and a child that was totally a dirty conversation. This turned out not to be my daughter which was a double edge sword. Another little girl had been abused by him! This friend took the tape to the police due to Dave's shaddy backround. They called him to interview him & he disappeardm before he was to go in. I then had many of his friends call me & my husband & say how sorry they were for not believing us and our daughter. So anyone if you see him tell LAPD Reseda branch and keep your daughters away from him. Our daughter is doing a lot better emotionally. The stalking I think scarred her more than the abuse itself. She is very shy around men & tries overly to please people. She also self mutilates by picking her skin near her finger nails till she bleeds. She has had psychologial help & if needs more she knows all she has to do is ask. So once again...